D&D 1981 Rulebook Redesign

Redesign of the 1981 Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rulebook.

For the this unsolicited redesign I chose to do a 1981 second edition of the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rulebook. I wanted to see what one of the older rulebooks would look like if it was designed today in a cleaner style with use as the intent. Compared to the current bloated and over illustrious rulebooks that are the current D&D rulebooks. I chose this particular book for its dense base of information, the book is an economical manual with as much type pushed onto the page as possible. This becomes problematic as the book is often used as a reference, but with the text all smashed together the information becomes difficult to use. All original information and some of the original images were used for the redesign. 
Making information more accessible and creating small systems for better non-textual visual communication was the main goal of the project. I made the information scannable by giving it white space, lists and defined headers/subheads. I also created a system of color reference and basic shapes that are able to build upon one another to give complex information without having to read through as much text.  
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