Concept video for a near future contextual operating system. The Hub OS uses location, time, preference and other variables to actively change what you see making how you interact with the OS simpler and more natural.

HUB OS is a conceptual near future operating system for mobile use. As how we consume information changes so to does the environment in which we consume it. Most users now only regularly use a few apps on their phones, instead choosing to interact more and more through the phone’s lock screen in a notification or feed like fashion. With this in mind we designed an OS that allows use without fully opening of the app, all while keeping visual continuity from the home screen. By also using force touch we allow the user to have deeper level interactions with the apps from just the home screen. 

A key feature of the OS is that apps appear and disappear depending on the user's needs. Using learning algorithms the OS because familiar with your life ands makes the apps you need relevant at the times you need them. Since this feature means not all your apps are visible at once we also designed an app tray that allows the user to override the system when desired. 

The goal of HUB OS was to create an operating system that through a learning system and thoughtful design would allow the user to get to what they want as fast as possible. The HUB allows the user to see all their relevant information at a moment's glance and change with them throughout the day. 
Designed for ADS 560
Taught by Michael Eckersley 
Team Members:
Pamela Paulino Fernandez
Shruti Shah
Connor Fitzgerald
Zak Wohlschlegel
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